Thursday, November 6, 2014

Donating My Hair

I have always wanted to donate my hair.  From 9th grade on, I always had really short hair.  I would grow it out occasionally but it was never long enough to donate, and I would just end up cutting it again.  For the last few years I decided to just let it grow and try my best not to cut it.  When I found myself itching to cut my hair again, I had no idea it would be long enough to donate it.  I guess I had just gotten so used to it that I didn't even realize how long it had gotten.  I went to get it cut not even thinking about donating it until my hairstylist cut off my pony tail and it was 9 inches long!  I found a place that requires hair to be at least 8 inches long so I was in the clear.  I mailed it the next day and it feels so good!  I chose Children with Hair Loss.  It feels great knowing that a young child out there who has lost their hair will get to wear mine.  I've been out of work the past few weeks recovering from a fracture in my leg, and I have felt pretty useless.  Doing this really made me feel a little bit better about myself and I'm glad I could do something meaningful during this time off.


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