Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whole30 - Week 1

I am officially into week 2 of Whole30 and I'm feeling pretty good.  I haven't had any major changes but I am definitely starting to feel a difference.  I'm still reading "It Starts with Food" by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.

I haven't been having any kind of cravings for the most part.  Fruit tastes incredibly sweet right now, so eating some grapes or strawberries keeps my sweet tooth at bay.  I bought some local strawberries and they literally tasted like candy.  I couldn't stop eating them.  Grapes have been extra sweet too, and sour.  I felt like I was eating Warheads rather than grapes!

After the first few days, I noticed that the tiny bumps I've had on the backs of my arms since I was about 12 have almost disappeared.  It's something I've always been really self conscious about.  I've ready that having those little bumps is a sign of gluten intolerance, so perhaps I'm sensitive to gluten.  Time will tell.

I feel lighter every day when I wake up.  I haven't had any bloating at all, I haven't felt gassy or had any heartburn at all.  I've noticed that I have more energy every morning when I go into work.  Someone asked me "what's wrong with you?". Hah.  Overall I just feel really light and alert.

I'm still going to the gym 3-4 times a week doing cardio and weights, but if I skip a day I don't feel guilty about it.  Before Whole30 I would feel extremely guilty if I skipped a day at the gym.  Now if I skip, I don't feel as bad about it because I know what I'm eating is good for me.  I don't feel like I need to spend an hour at the gym to burn off what I had for dinner.

I've been eating meals that aren't so pretty, so I haven't been sharing recipes.  Every time I have a day off work I prep big batches of sweet potatoes, baby potatoes, brussel sprouts, roasted carrots, hard boiled eggs, meatballs, and stock up on fruits.  The only way I have been successful so far is having things in the refrigerator to heat up when I'm hungry and don't feel like cooking.  In the mornings, I pack a little plastic container of eggs, a meatball and some veggies to take to work.  I've also been making big pictures of cucumber-lemon water.  It's so refreshing and really quenches my thirst.

I even survived a Friday night at our friends' house.  There was plenty of beer, cheese, dips and chips to snack on.  It was tempting but I explained what I was doing and they were both very understanding.  It was hard but I got through it and felt great about myself.

I've noticed in about the past 3 days that I feel really full after a meal, especially breakfast, and can barely finish what's on my plate.  I continue to feel full well into the afternoon.  I usually have to make myself eat lunch because I'm just not that hungry.

I'm excited to see what the next few weeks have to offer.  If I'm feeling this good after 1 week, I can't wait to see how I feel after the full 30 days.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My First Whole30

Things are going to be a little different here for a while.  I've been doing my first Whole30.  If you aren't familiar with Whole30, you can read about it here.  Long story short, for 30 days you can only eat meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts and certain oils.  No dairy, grains, gluten, sugar, alcohol, and a few others.  The purpose is to reboot your system and to take notice of what changes come to your body.  After 30 days, you slowly add back the things you cut out of your diet one at a time.  It makes it easier to notice how these foods affect your body.  I'm a week in and it hasn't been too challenging so far.  Most of the things I have been eating haven't really been recipes, just a lot of fruit, roasted vegetables and meats.  Although while I'm doing Whole30, I'm still going to try and come up with some tasty and easy meals that I can share here on my blog.  Stay tuned!