Friday, July 25, 2014

Meet My Cats!

Let me introduce you to two of my favorites beings. They are Malon and Faron. Both named after characters from the Legend of Zelda series. I call them my own Hyrule Warriors.

Snuggled up together in their favorite chair

Meet Malon

She was born on April 7th, 2013.  She was my first friend when I moved to Charlotte.  I moved here in February and was working a lot right from the start, so it was hard to make friends.  Sure, I was getting closer to my coworkers and spending some time with them outside work, but I lived alone at the time and was working second shift, so getting home late at night to an empty apartment was pretty depressing.  I decided a few months later that I really wanted to get a cat, especially since they are so low maintenance.  Every other day or so I would look at the available cats up for adoption on the local Humane Society's website.  I never saw the perfect kitty that caught my eye. After about 3 months of browsing every now and then, I came across this face:
Adoption picture on the Humane Society Website

Seriously!? How can you say no to that face? I got up bright and early the next day and went straight to the Humane Society and adopted her. She had one sister, who I considered adopting as well, but decided not to since this was my first time having a pet on my own.  I will always slightly regret not adopting the sister, but she found a home the very same day!

Malon was a really playful kitten. She was always getting into things, chewing chords, clawing up carpet, but I love her just the same. She definitely has some personality!
 She's a little derpy.
 Okay, a lot derpy.

 Christmas 2013
 Mmm.. bacon!

Did I mention she loves beer?  Well not actual beer. Just the fizzy part.

Meet Faron


We knew (my boyfriend and I) that we were going to get another cat eventually so Malon could have a friend.  We believe in the "2 cat rule".  Every cat needs a friend.  They misbehave when it is only them because they get bored easily.  We thought about adopting an older cat from the Humane Society.  It makes me sad that so many older cats never get adopted.  There are a lot of stray cats around Drew's house that come and go, but when this one came around she had so much personality that we couldn't stop playing with her.  She had fleas and was hot (it was in the 90s that day) so we gave her some tuna and water.  She jumped up into the swing and decided to take a nap with Will.  He's now Uncle Will!
Because she had so much personality, and was so friendly for a stray cat, we decided we would take her to the vet and maybe this would be the kitty we got to keep Malon company.

Shortly after getting to the vet's office, they tested her for many different things.  She tested positive for FIV, which is a type of feline aids.  Cats can go their entire lives with this disease and never show any symptoms.  But they can easily spread it to other cats by scratching, biting, or even sharing the same food bowl.  We knew we couldn't put Malon at risk, so the vet asked us to surrender her over to her.  She thought she could find a home for her, but mentioned euthanizing.  At this point I got very upset because she was such a sweet kitty and I was sad to think that not only could we not keep her, but that she could possibly be put down.  The doctor decided to test her again because the first test was a "faint positive" she said.  The second test came back negative. What!? We knew we had to do a third test just to make sure.  Each test took about 30 minutes to process.  The doctor said sometimes if the mother cat has FIV, her babies can show sign of it on tests because of the mother's milk.  We think this is what was going on with Faron.  We waited patiently for the third and final test was negative! Yay! We have a new friend!


We didn't know how well she was going to get along with Malon at first.  The vet suggested keeping them separated for a while. When we got home with Faron, I just let her out to see how they would act around each other.  It was a little rough at first, but they never fought.  It took a few days for them to get comfortable around each other, but look at them now!

We decided Faron's birthday would be February 1st, 2014.  She was about 5 and a half months when she first came around on July 12. She has been the perfect edition to our little family. She is super sweet and cuddly.  She has a ring of fur on the tip of her tail, orange/copper eyes, and purrs like a Tribble.

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